Welding & Fabrication

Customize Your Vehicle for Optimal Performance

Customize Your Vehicle for Optimal Performance

Hire us for frame welding services in Casper, WY

Whether you were in a wreck or your car is running on old parts, you can count on Mark's Body & Fab to provide all kinds of welding services to increase your vehicle's performance. We offer frame welding and wheelbase modifications. Our expert welders can handle any welding job you throw our way.

Call us now to schedule frame welding services in Casper, WY. We'll be glad to give you a free estimate.

Providing fabrication services for various industrial applications

Mark's Body & Fab proudly provides heavy-duty welding and fabrication services. We have the knowledge and experience to handle the following projects:

Oilfield equipment fabrication
Industrial equipment fabrication
Windmill equipment fabrication

Rely on us to create a variety of specialized equipment for your industrial operations. We can create fabricated features of all types and sizes to make your equipment run smoother and for longer. Reach out to learn more about our oilfield equipment fabrication services in Casper, WY.